Commercial Photographer, Curtis WallisPhotography is a true passion for me and always has been.  I started out with my first camera shooting pictures of our horses out in the field, that of course lead me straight into the darkroom.  As my interest grew i realized I could start making money in the darkroom for a local fashion photographer developing prints for the local modeling agencies. After that who would not be hooked.

Even years ago I realized I needed a strong business and computer background to guide my photography business. I started out as a student of The Ohio State University, after some time there I continued to the Ohio Institute of Photography in Dayton Ohio.

After graduation I was always encouraged to specialize in an area, never really listened to that advice. I felt from the beginning of my career I wanted to not only photograph all areas but develop a creative style as well.  My first studio job was shooting food one day then out shooting fashion the next. I was able to  learn both aspects from some great stylists.  Once that path was finished I wanted to branch more into the agency world, I was recruited by an advertising firm to come on staff to shoot photography and videography. It was there I captured my first award for a couple video pieces for some non profit companies.

About this time the internet and digital camera were starting to appear. I was hired by a national company to be the lead photographer for a studio back home in Columbus Ohio.  I was back shooting fashion and food, but this larger studio brought me my first access to the world of digital cameras.  I worked with some of the pioneers in digital technology to learn the ins and outs of the digital photography field.

It was not long I was asked to head to New York to manage a large studio for the same company.  I was able to learn some prepress and color management skills from some great people.   After some time there I felt it was time to head home to Columbus Ohio and open up my own studio.

Over the years I have worked with some great photographers, stylists, co workers and clients.  Without them and some encouragement from my family and friends I don’t think I would be doing what I love to do.


Curtis Wallis





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